The Black Family Technology Awareness Association of Kansas City

About The Black Family Technology Awareness Association (BFTAA)

As the Black Community grows in size and influence, it is vital for this group and the nation that the gap in technological empowerment between Blacks and the U.S. mainstream be closed.

These "gaps" cause the Black Community to literally become left behind in many situations of life, including advancements at place of employment, benefits in health care, funding for education, home-ownership or automobiles
The collaboration efforts of the Community NETwork of SBC, W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center and BDPA bring to this great community the Black Family Technology Awareness Campaign. Our yearlong campaign is the stepping-stone for Black Family Awareness Week, scheduled to occur during Black History Month, 2005. This campaign intends to engender consciousness and provide resources to become more affluent in the services and developments of this growing digital age.

Mission Statement:
Closing the digital divide by helping bridge the gap between our Nation's Black Families and technology.

The purpose of the Black Family Technology Awareness Campaign is to empower and fully equip our community of families with the resources needed to become actively involved with the technology revolution. We intend to assist the process by working with faith-based organizations, corporations with a strong presence in our communities, small businesses, resource centers, such as schools and libraries, and city and state government agencies. By bringing together all these entities to focus on finding solutions, we hope to create models of success that will close the digital divide that threatens to perpetuate educational, financial, and social inequality in America.

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